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And To Him You Shall Adhere

“את־ה’ אלהיך תירא אתו תעבד ובו תדבק ובשמו תשבע”

(דברים פרק י פסוק כ)

In the material world, when something s broken, we fix it. when there is spiritual breakdown, we also strive for repair: “The Lord your God you shall fear and serve, and Him you shall adhere” ( Deuteronomy 10:20). The “TIKKUN” (repair), the reconnection, the reunification, the restoration of the fragments are the way to repair ourselves and adhere to our inner truth.

“And To Him You Shall Adhere” combines the mundane and the spiritual. Roll of adhesive masking tape is printed with the taxt of Deuteronomy, the one supporting the other, heightening the experience of  “TIKKUN” and adherence to the Creator

Curator: emily D. Bilski, Avigdor Shinan
Gallery: Rupture and Repair
Year: 2010